Expertise doesn't make relevance without alignment.

Expertise isn't good enough, until it connects with the people element and addresses the client teams' challenges. So, we align and consider ourselves as an extension of the client's team. Not just an expert consultant.

Cloud Engineering

Our cloud engineering team can help accelerate your cloud applications development initiatives whether its moving your existing applications to cloud or building new applications or products that will either co-exist or solely live in cloud. In addition, our cloud experts can design, architect, build and deliver completely tailor-made, turn key cloud solutions exclusively designed to meet your specific business needs.

Enterprise Data Solutions

Data is everything. Whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, our Enterprise Data Solutions team can help address your specific needs and challenges in database management, administration, migration, ETL, any-to-any data transformations, master data management, big data, cloud data solutions, data warehouse, data lake, data analytics and business intelligence.

Virtual CIO

Our Virtual CIO services provide a great way for companies to tap into a seasoned seasoned I.T. executive, the Virtual CIO, on a consulting role for a specific project engagement. Whether its I.T. strategy review, or a product selection, or to review and vet new technology acquisition, the Virtual CIO could handle it all. You leverage the best I.T. leadership expertise, on-demand, without having to hire senior executive on your payroll.

ERP Software Selection

Enterprise grade platforms such as ERP, MRP, CRM, and others call for big investments. Such investments without specific expertise in software selection process, can result in significant amount of loss. Our I.T and functional subject matter experts will be on your side to facilitate your end-to-end enterprise software selection process.

Cyber Security Solutions

Our cyber security solution is an exclusive and comprehensive security solution geared to provide a full spectrum assessment of client's enterprise security Infrastructure, hence the name 360 degree security solutions.

Strategic I.T. Consulting

Our strategic IT consulting services offer a wide variety of services. Ideal for clients with smaller I.T. teams but have bigger business and technology goals to meet. We offer services in Data center Infrastructure, and cloud services, Web and mobile applications strategy, Platform upgrades, and new technology implementations.

Opsfinity represents the infinite possibilities of optimizing your business operations.